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Historic Room
Antique Den

Foul Play in The Study

Difficulty - 10/10

Enjoy A Who-Dun-It Mystery that will REALLY test your Clue Skills!

This Victorian themed mansion will have your head spinning! You've been called to investigate a mysterious death at the Dashwood estate. Fortunately, you and your team of elite detectives only take the hardest cases! What happened to Oswald Dashwood III, who bumped him off, and with what weapon? Get a clue in this murder mystery!

MISSION: You need to find who committed the crime, with what weapon, and what piece of evidence they left behind. You'll need all 3 items to solve this case!

BONUS MISSION: Find the secret jewel that made this family rich.





Omar Zaine

secrets ”

Jay Jay

“Study hall is over at last.”

Danni Lopez

Vintage Family Portrait

Every Clue Leads to only One Solution... Can you find the Trail?

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