Set Table

Difficulty -  7/10

This feast packs a serious punch!

You have been invited to attend a special dinner party thrown by a powerful and influential man in your community. You excitedly arrive at his stately manor for an evening of dialogue and delicacies, but before you begin, your host makes known an unusual arrangement. All you have to do is pass a simple test and he will make you partners in his newest groundbreaking venture.

"Prove your worth... and I'll show you things you've never dreamed of!", he says.

Do you dare play his game?

MISSION: You'll need to pass your host's test and prove that you are worthy of being a partner in his new venture. Only after you correctly arrange all 18 pieces of his puzzle will you be rewarded (and get what is coming to you!)

BONUS MISSION: What is you host's groundbreaking venture? Just who is this guy anyway? Pay attention to the clues, documents, and decor and correctly identify your host's name and his future plans.




I'm still hungry for more!"

Max Ottis

“What just happened?”

Charlie K

“Nothing to see here...”

Sofie Zacks

D0 you give up ...  or are you hungry for more?

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