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Face Your Fears: Arachnophobia

Difficulty -  6/10 thru 8/10 (depending on path)

This Experience will have you tangled in a web of confusion. Will you make it out?

Arachnophobia is not for the faint of heart! 

You will find yourself in a defunct arachnid research facility with the daunting task of stopping a deadly group of mutated spiders from escaping to the outside world.


With crawling and climbing challenges, as well as a variety of mind-bending puzzles to solve, this escape room will test your skills and wit like never before.


With three different paths to choose from (all with separate puzzles) and four different possible endings depending on your solutions, you can play again, and again!  Arachnophobia is the ultimate escape room experience for thrill-seekers and puzzle-lovers alike! 

*Please note, that for 2 out of 3 modes, at least 2 people in your group MUST be able to CLIMB 6 vertical feet and CRAWL into somewhat restrictive spaces. This experience requires some PHYSICAL abilities for certain tasks that cannot be bypassed. Please wear appropriate footwear and plan accordingly! There is no blood or gore, but creep out factor is high and jump scares are used throughout this experience... so get a sitter and leave the little ones at home.


1 Million 


Our escape room, Can U Xcape, has been thrilling customers with our challenging puzzles and exciting themes. Don't believe us? Read on to hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

“I'm thrilled”

Mak X

“I am satisfied”

Zack K


Not gonna lie... this one 
was made to creep
a lot of people out.

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