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Image by Bakhrom Tursunov
Image by Jorge Alejandro Rodríguez Aldana

The Last Secret


An Outdoor Adeventure that sends you across town, and time...

Using a GPS equipped iPad, you'll walk to various locations in Downtown Bloomsburg to solve clues and find secrets! That poster you see... is it a clue? That sticker in the storefront... is it really a safe is disguise? Using a unique blend of augmented reality, physical locations, and a bag of gadgets, do you have what it takes accomplish your mission? You'll have 90 MINUTES to accomplish your mission.

The Story:

When Albert Einstein died in 1955 he took with him his last great secret. Since he knew he was soon to die, he decided to hide this secret until a time the world was ready to unlock it's great power. Time passed by, and this mystery was forgotten... that is until you received a mysterious delivery. Can you figure our The Last Secret of Albert Einstein?

NOTE: Can U Xcape has partnered with Cluetivity to bring you this exciting OUTDOOR Adventure! This adventure is for groups of up to 6 MAX and is held rain or shine.




S. Mart. E

“I'd rather be Nice than Smart.”

Billy N.

“Where is that box?”


Image by Taton Moïse

Can you match wits with one of the greatest minds of our time? 

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