Banquet Hall Blunder

Difficulty -  6/10

This Dinner Party
Seriously Packs
a Punch!

A group of influential dinner guests are about to arrive at your stately manner for an evening of fun and exquisite food, but your entire kitchen staff has had enough of your rude guests and have walked out! Can you figure out your guest's food preferences and have the meal ready before they arrive? Or are you, well, done?

MISSION: Figure out guests seating, drink, and dinner requirements and set the table for a successful dinner party before your guests arrive.

BONUS MISSION: Find the croutons. Everyone likes croutons... right?




I'm still hungry for more!"

Max Ottis

“What just happened?”

Charlie K

“Nothing to see here...”

Sofie Zacks

D0 you give up ...  or are you hungry for more?

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