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No matter what room you choose, you are bound to have a great time at Can U Xcape! We custom design all our rooms with both Enthusiasts and beginners in mind.

Service Bell

Difficulty - 8/10

You wake up in a 1960s era hotel.  With the sweet sounds of elevator music drifting through the air, a feeling of panic takes over! How did you get here, where is here, and more importantly how do you get out? As you frantically search for clues you find you're not the first ones to have checked in... but can you check out?

All things are not as they appear in this one of a kind adventure!


Banquet Hall Blunder

Difficulty - 6/10

A group of influential dinner guests are about to arrive at your stately manner for an evening of fun and exquisite food, but your entire kitchen staff has had enough of your rude guests and have walked out! Can you figure out your guest's food preferences and have the meal ready before they arrive? Or are you, well, done?


Antique Den

Difficulty - 10/10

This Victorian themed mansion will have your head spinning! You've been called to investigate a mysterious death at the Dashwood estate. Fortunately, you and your team of elite detectives only take the hardest cases! What happened to Oswald Dashwood III, who bumped him off, and with what weapon? Get a clue in this murder mystery!


Image by Jason Dent

Difficulty - 7/10

Was it an electrical problem? A mechanical problem? Or did someone you know sabotage the machine?


Well, you don't have long to find out in this adventure! A simple trip in an elevator has never been more important.

 1 -3 people can book this experience as a 30 min or 60 min adventure!


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